Lean is mean

This happened in early August. We were waiting for the bus and watching the traffic.

A Porsche Cayenne drove by. I said that was a beautiful car, even if I’m not that much into the SUVs.

My companion asked me why not. She told me she likes the posture. Sitting high up above the other cars.

I began to think if I had other reasons than just the moral ones. I admitted I usually thought SUVs only as gas wasters.

I told her they are too feminine to my taste. Round and plump. Baby-like. I like things lean and angular. Skinny women, short sentences, minimalist solutions. Besides, I didn’t like the idea of being safe at any cost. It felt aggressive but in a dishonest manner.

The same seemed to apply for example bodybuilders, professional wrestlers, and large motorbikes. They all look like big babies. Disturbingly unmanly.

Weeks later I was reading a book about the dinosaurs. I saw a picture of tyrannosaurus fighting with an ankylosaurus. Then I got it. Only the preys wear the armour. The predators cannot afford it. Above all, they have to be agile.

Being a prey means to be reactive. Being hostile by default. Living in fear. Refusing to come up with anything new. Being stuck.

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