Time and the use of it

All these four links are about the concept of time. Measuring and using it.

A few days ago I experienced a friend of mine teaching her speciality. I was impressed how few words and how little work she needed to be of great help.

It left me in deep thoughts. If you know your stuff and your stuff is useful to others, work gets very easy and rewarding. Usually even stimulating. It is something I’ve forgotten for a long time while underachieving.

In a nutshell if you’re not using your expertise, you are wasting your time.

I had an impression that people in London appreciated every day they lived. Worked hard, had fun. Didn’t waste time waiting for something to happen. Every night they saw their friends after achieving something worthwhile.

Of course the reality of it is much more complicated. However, I thought about how much just tolerating boredom and frustration dominates our lives. At least mine.

Seeing an expert at work reminded me that getting the max out of your time is not just hard work and grinding your teeth. Actually it is something very different. Recognizing your expertise and not wasting your time on something that just drains your energy.

Maybe that’s the reason why wristwatches are cool again. As this very reliable source states:

Do you know why men wear watches? It’s because there’s a limited amount of time in the day and men need to know how much of it there is so they can efficiently allocate their man ass kicking for the day. [….] A watch says, ‘Get up and go! Move your man ass and take care of your fucking man business!’

The hard part is how to become an expert. The key seems to be mastering the basics.

My guitar teacher told me he once heard Manuel Barrueco practising. He told Barrueco just played short scales rather slowly and carefully. Exercises typical to first or second year guitar students. The difference being that he strived for perfection and was pretty damn near to it.

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