This morning Stuff Asian people like taught me how to use chopsticks.

What I needed was this picture and time to think it out myself. Without the presence of my “helpful” friends or amused patrons.

People find it hard to teach me things like that because I am left-handed. Besides, I’m not sure if eating with left hand is considered rude in China. For people like me, using fork and knife (European style) is a safe choice.

I don’t have chopsticks, so I used pens. First I took the bottom stick and took care I held it firmly. I realized this has been my first mistake before. If I let the bottom stick wobble, using chopsticks will be pretty much impossible.

After that I was able to concentrate on the top stick. I found out the only way I can really control the top stick is that it rests against the tip of my thumb. That used to be my second mistake.

I tried to catch some small objects on my desk. I was very clumsy, but eventually I made it. The main problem seemed to be that the top stick kept rolling off my thumb tip.

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