Reasons I don’t read your blog

Of Ten reasons I don’t read your blog my favourite is number ten:

10. You think blogging is too important. You talk about the “blogosphere” like it’s the real world.

Suddenly (reason 3: your blog is an echo chamber) I feel obliged to add at least one of my own.

11. You are illogical. You draw implications, analogies and conclusions out of thin air. You generalize wildly (Russians are… The Industrial Revolution was… etc.) You are vague. You write about the names and concepts, not about the actual things or events. Your opinions are based on feelings, not facts. You think presenting an anecdote counts as an argument.

Actually this might be seen as a combination of reasons 3 (you don’t know your stuff) and 7 (you waste my time), but I just wanted to let it out. To be honest I needed to let it out. Thank you for your time.

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