Everybody hates teenagers

When I was about 14, me and my classmate were somewhere hanging around. It was winter and cold, and we reasoned we should go somewhere inside. We decided to go to a pub. At the time it wasn’t exactly prohibited for minors to go to the pub, while it was positive they wouldn’t serve us anything with alcohol in it.

We were allowed to go in but we were very conscious that they had right to throw us out for any reason. So we bought two cups of coffee, went to a table, sipped our coffee and behaved like adults. We had a long and, as far as I can remember, very insightful conversation. At least for my at the time standards.

Next week we went back there. I can’t remember anymore if we had anyone else with us. However, the word spread. It might have been the fourth time when I went in and found the lodge stuffed with my classmates. I turned around, very convinced that this was it. This couldn’t last.

A few days later our teacher told us the patron has called the school, and from this on we were strictly prohibited to visit this pub any more.

When I write this, I still remember one thing. On a bench stuffed with teenage guys sat one of my classmates. A juvenile delinquent of some sort. Our eyes met and I still remember his sheepish expression. I think he knew too that this isn’t working. Even though I was the pioneer and he was someone knowing he wasn’t even wanted to hang around with us, and even less wanted to sit in this pub.

I remember this very clearly because I really wasn’t any kind of leading figure while in my teens. I went out and I think it was the first time I realized why people think teenagers are obnoxious. If I were a patron, I’d throw them out right away. It wasn’t anything like that I hated them. I just knew they’d spoil the pub environment. It was so obvious. Other customers don’t like having a bunch of teenagers sitting near when they try to enjoy their beer and newspapers.

There is another lesson too, actually analogous to the first but perhaps subtler. Now when I think about it, there’s a reason why copycats are despised. We were using a scarce resource. We enjoyed our coffee exactly because we were the only youngsters around. What really drew us there was an environment that was peaceful (it was around 2 pm.) and mature but probably because alcohol was served too, very relaxed too.

Pub environment was new to us, it was comfortable, and even though we knew we had to behave, there was a refreshing air of forbidden fruit. It was nice, but it wasn’t something you can share with anybody.

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