End of the solitude

At work I have my own room. It isn’t as luxurious as it may sound. We have plenty of space there.

Tomorrow I’m going to share a room with two of my workmates. I’ll try it for a while. I have three reasons for leaving my spacious room with amazing view:

  • Boredom. Being alone with my often slightly monotonous work tasks, maybe reading free newspapers and solving crosswords or sudokus for fun, isn’t something you can tolerate day after day, week after week.
  • Procrastination. Seeing others working makes it easier to start.
  • Social contact, chatting. Humans are pack animals. I think seeing people, their acts and expressions is somewhat mentally stabilizing. I believe the main reason solitary thinkers are so gloomy is that they lack the emotional reality check called observing other humans.

I used to be a lone wolf. After working and studying alone for years with results I’m not very content with, I try to make about everything as social as possible.

Last week I read in a library. Even with all the distractions and noise, I felt I could concentrate better than at home. I even began to doubt if I should borrow any books anymore.

I realized I associated things and thoughts in the book I was reading with the place I was reading it and to some nearby details. It was kind of instinctive mnemonics.

From this on I think this is my credo: Don’t think in a void. Use people and places. Try to use different environment in different tasks. Brainstorm in busy environments. Concentrate in places everyone else is trying to concentrate (i.e. libraries). Work near to other people doing the same job.

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