No more Igoogle

Today I’m ditching Igoogle. I’ve had it as my home page for years. About as long as it has been possible.

At first finding all I was surfing for in one page seemed like a good idea. I remember doing my daily reading in a fraction of time I had used before.

Now it has become a burden. There are two reasons. First, I keep constantly being reminded of incoming email. In other words I need an email diet.

Secondly there are few or no blogs I really should read regularly. So I don’t actually need feed reader. Actually, after a while I hardly even read the feeds anyway. They’re just clutter now. The logic behind this is simple: when I need information, I go and find it. There’s virtually nothing in the net I should really keep up with.

My current strategy represented in thee bullett points:

  • I go on using Gmail, but check it only a few times a day and log out in between.
  • I use Yahoo search as my primary search engine and my browser’s home page. Firstly to research its quality and secondly to cut my dependence on Google (to minimize the times I’m tempted to check Gmail).
  • I stop reading subscribed feeds and rely on Stumbleupon in finding new pages (if I really need to find them).

I try this for a while and maybe I’ll report the results here.

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