Switching rooms experiment, day one

Today was the first day I left my solitary room at work. I wrote about this project or experiment of mine yesterday.

I had two co-workers in the same room. A man and a woman. Both gave me an impression of being very industrious and professional. I felt an air of effectiveness and self-respect. I believe at least half genuine.

Actually when they seemed to have very precise times for lunch and opening the window, it felt almost military. I asked about it and they told me it’s one of their running jokes.

Boredom. My boredom levels were lower than usual, the hours seemed a lot shorter. The difference was largest at the end of the day when I usually just stagnate and wait for the time to get back home. Today I worked full force until four o’clock.

Procrastination. Procrastination was practically nonexistent today. I started everything promptly and had no problem carrying on the good work flow.

Social contact. There was some joking, but occasionally I felt myself an outsider. Of course this was the first day. My workmates have shared this room for months and would either get used to me or get irritated. Either way, I think I’ll see the real outcome before Friday. I’ll be one of them or be expelled or something in between. Overall experience was positive in this respect too, it definitely did beat working alone.

Summary. Good start. Didn’t fail in any of the three respects above. I was actually a bit concerned the new hectic environment would exhaust me, but now when I’m writing this I don’t feel myself any more tired than usual.


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