Switching rooms experiment, day three

Today was the least successful day this far. Probably because I haven’t slept very well.

I noticed the way my roommates keep their dignity. They dress well, are industrious, and even buy their lunch at the nearby restaurant, while I just bring my lunch box and warm my meal in a microwave oven.

I myself am a bit of a skeptic, but now when I’ve studied them for three days, I think their approach works better. Even if you don’t always see the point in your work, deprecating what you do isn’t very healthy in the long run. Of course you shouldn’t fool yourself, but if you’ve decided to do something, you should do it well. At least do it for your self-esteem.

The air in the room is really competitive, and slacking might raise nasty remarks. They have very few breaks and I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed of having so many today.

Boredom. Moderate level of boredom. Yet time seemed to run faster than when I worked in my own room.

Procrastination. Some faint traces of procrastination, but still practically none compared to a normal day in previous weeks.

Social contact. Not much joking or talking. The atmosphere became a lot more comfortable during the last two hours. At the end of the day we actually had a longish chat. Yet I still don’t know my roommates very well.

I felt myself rather tired today and I thought I didn’t get much done. However, at the end of the day I realized I was still working at least for my long time average pace. Besides these things happen in cycles and yesterday was exceptional for the others too.


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