Switching rooms experiment, day four

Yesterday was the fourth and last day of my experiment. Now when the novelty has worn off, it doesn’t feel much more effective than before. Especially the first two hours were a drag and I had very little done. However at the end of the day I realized it wasn’t that bad at all.

Boredom. Quite normal, but there are two kinds of boredom:

  • Boredom experienced. Like “I feel bored now”.
  • Boredom that can be measured by decrease in performance. Lack of motivation, problems in concentrating, laziness, procrastination, tiredness, etc.

I was certainly a little bored in the first, I’d call internal, respect. In the second respect I’d call external I have to admit I had a lot done. Not as much as in Tuesday but not bad either.

Procrastination. Still very little procrastination. i took quite a lot breaks but when I was at my desk, I had zero problems in beginning the work promptly.

Social contact. We had some discussions and now I’m having a more accurate picture of their personality. I realized if I wanted to go on using this room, I should get to know them better. Spend my breaks with them at least occasionally, ask something about their life and background and so on. Of course I know I shouldn’t be too pushy either.

Working in a more social environment certainly has a balancing effect but it also requires some work. I know these being a new kid on the block might last for months. It’s normal and I have no grudges about it.


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