A week without Igoogle

A week ago I stopped using Igoogle. Here are my experiences of the first week without.

How it went

I decided not to read my email very often and log out in between. This worked quite well. During the first days I still typed igoogle occasionally, but since the third day it hasn’t happened any more. Mere email isn’t as addictive as a site equipped with blog feeds.

I began to use Yahoo search as my primary search engine. There’s not much difference with English searches on popular subjects. However, Yahoo is considerably weaker on less common words and topics and on non-English searches. I will still go on using Yahoo but maybe I’ll give a chance to Microsoft’s Live search.

I stopped reading feeds, and I haven’t missed them at all. Occasionally I’ve checked a blog or two I’m interested in. Usually ones written by people I know personally. I think I might even cut that. I haven’t decided yet.

I haven’t used Stumbleupon as much as I planned to do. Of course I fear it might grow as time consuming as blogs used to be but I think I should have something as a substitute. Stumbleupon’s usability has been better than what I expected.

The results

Ditching Igoogle has been a rather positive experience this far. I’m far less addicted to blogs. I get more varied information from the net. I’ve lost almost all of the anxiety the compulsive blog reading gave me. I won’t be going back.

Today I’m too tired to plan anything ahead but I believe I’ll cut other time-consuming and addiction prone web activities. Maybe I’ll stop reading blogs of any kind. Another target might be Facebook. I was very busy today and I didn’t have time to visit Facebook until quite late. And I didn’t miss it for a second.

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