“Data is often better than you think”

Everyone should watch this video.

I’ve had a suspicion against the written language for years. Yet, I haven’t been able to grasp what is exactly wrong with it.

It is very good in expressing opinions and feelings, but very bad in expressing quantitative data.

Text rules the Internet. It is fast, browsable, and searchable. However, it leaves you only two options:

  • To present only a tiny snippet of the relevant data or
  • To create massive blocks of text nobody will bother to read anyway, and for a good reason.

Regardless of whether we want it or not, written text makes everything we produce an expression of an inner conviction. Something that tells more of our feelings than of the world outside.

This, I think (sic!), is the reason people say the blogs suck.

(As a personal note. I was quite drunk while writing this.)


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