Flashback of a sort

Seeing this calculator by Industrial Facility gave me a flashback. I promptly remembered when I was a kid in late 1970’s and my father occasionally took me with him when he visited the office after-hours.

The building was a futuristic office building built in late 60’s. It was two-storied, square shaped with a small courtyard you could see in his office window. The house was covered with bright white wafer shaped precast elements, and it situated in a mostly industrial area. It was demolished in the early 1990’s.

I can recall the long and unlit white-walled corridors with greenish fitted carpets, the bookshelves full of binders and office utensils which all seemed to be either grey or very brightly coloured.

For a six-year-old that was an ultimate adult environment where people wore ties and did important things. Very unlike the kindergarten I had to visit daily and which I found stifling. Being ruled by female teachers and where the things you could do were extremely restricted.

I believe many of my generation share this feeling that when we grew up, the adult world we craved for as kids was gone and what we saw in a sense reminded a lot more of the kindergarten we longed to grow out of.

This, I think, is the reason why Life on Mars is so popular. In a way it is something like a paradise lost for many people of my age.

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