Losing and gaining weight

I’ve lost some kilos recently. I actually heard compliments about my figure twice last week.

This made me think that there’s actually a limit between being fat and being fit, and that the grey area in between is only about one to three kilos. At least for us males.

I think one is the limit where the pecs are further forward than the belly. Another one is when the hip bones become prominent. The first makes the shirts look good, the latter the trousers.

Yet I think I’ve hit some kind of floor and while I weight myself every morning, the result has been virtually the same for about a week. I looked at my previous results (I use a spreadsheet) and I found out every time my weight loss has stalled, it has progressed only after a bump.

So, like Four hour work week teaches us, I decided to eat all I can on Sunday. I went to our summer cottage for a Sunday meal. I consumed amazing amounts of food, and probably more carbohydrates than in the whole last week. I finished with three large slices of mud cake, walked to a sofa and practically passed out.

After I woke up I felt myself a little fat but went out chopping wood and felt fine. When I got home, I found out I had gained two kilos back. This morning I still weighed over a kilo more than usually. A kilo and half, even.

Today I’ve drank a lot of water because some of this weight is only due to large salt intake. I believe I’d get back to my previous weight in one or two days but the real question is if it really helped me to break the floor.

This Thursday I will attend a party where I can eat and drink all I want. That can’t be good. However hearing comments like wow or you look good or even nice ass make it easy to go on dieting.

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