Youtube killed an MP3 star

I got interested in Pink Floyd’s A momentary lapse of reason. It contains some of the first Pink Floyd songs I remember hearing but at the same time it is one of the two last Pink Floyd albums I still don’t have.

As a 2008 man I went to Wikipedia to read about the album. I checked the names of the songs and found all of them in YouTube.

As a teenager I bought LPs and recorded C-cassettes. I somehow skipped the CD era, never really buying a lot of them. Actually I stuck with cassettes well into the 21st century. At first it was because I wanted to save money. Later I thought it was cooler that way.

I’ve collected records on my hard drive for over a year now. A few weeks ago I realized I didn’t even remember where I put my CDs. Yesterday I thought about if I should backup my music library.

Today I thought there might be people who skip the MP3 era with its quaint and easily breakable hard drives and inconvenient personal music libraries. Why bother when you can listen to practically everything online.

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