Allergic to music

I haven’t been able to listen to any kind of music for about a week or two. I’ve tried, and every time it feels the same. For the first seconds I listen to it with some concentration, but it leaves me completely cold. After some thirty seconds music starts to annoy me. After that I put it off or if it’s not possible, lose any interest.

At home I’m completely music free. It’s ironic because I just copied some records I’ve been looking for for a long time. They don’t work either. Of course at bars and at my friends’ places I’m forced to hear music, For example yesterday night at club I sat on a table near to a dance floor. DJ was fairly good, sound system one of the best in town, and volume was loud but not too loud. 

No response. It was like I lost my sense for music. It sounded just the same, but didn’t mean anything to me.

I cannot recall when this started, but one morning I was surfing and suddenly realized the music that was on annoyed me, and that I preferred the noise of the street outside. There’s quite a lot of traffic and actually if I have any response to aural art left, the noise of cars through the window triggers it best. It’s my current favourite music, and really in a musical sense.

Now I only wonder it this is permanent.

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