Background noise

People use to sneer at those who always have a television or radio on at home. A friend of mine has, and he says it is because he thinks silence and wallowing in your thoughts deteriorates your brains. They’re meant to process information, and if they don’t get anything new, they have to do with what they already got. This leads to a ever tightening feedback loop, creates a short-circuit of a kind.

He considers this harmful. He says it lowers the IQ and leads to a depression. I asked if he ever thinks, and he said if he has to think about something, he just puts the radio off, thinks the problem through until it is solved, and puts the radio on again. 

Now when I think about it, I remember the time I was at school. That was the time when my life was very scheduled. When I sometimes stayed at home alone at weekdays, for example while being sick, at first it felt wonderful. Crawling back to bed when the rest left for work and school. Then I had this weird fuzzy feeling like sensations and thoughts pouring in my brains. Probably that was because it was the time of a day I used to be at my most alert state. Then came an unpleasant rather unreal feeling. I became tired and restless for the same time.

At the time it didn’t happen often, but now I realize that when my days have became less structured, I’ve had this feeling as my dominating mental state. I’ve spent years in that mode in my later years. Having a radio on probably wouldn’t help, but I only now I understand how hazardous the boredom and mental deprivation have been in my life.

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