Getting out

Today at noon I’ll stop using Facebook. 

It messes with my brain, takes my time and spoils my concentration. 

Yet there are some deeper reasons too. It has to do with the concept of friendship. This has very much to do about why I think Facebook isn’t good for my thinking and my quality of life.

Many people seem to think the human world is divided into two categories: the people you know and trust and to the others. I understand the motivation behind this but I don’t think it is as useful as mine, where I think friendship as a cursor or a lens.

We all have limited time to use, and secondly we can’t divide our time between different friends indefinitely. Our understanding of friendship as a social act implies at least some degree of regularity. No matter how much friends we have, we use most of our social time among the very few of them. 

As I see it, friendship means spending time considerably more with some people–regardless if I like them more or less than the rest (even though it’s hard to imagine wasting time with someone you don’t like)–than the others. 

I told my friend yesterday that I think social life is something physical and that I’d visit people instead of keeping in touch with them in the Internet. We’ll see if this works out.


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